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Jakość, świeżość i tradycja. Fundament z dziesiątek lat doświadczenia, rodzinnych i regionalnych tradycji uprawy warzyw, wspieramy nowoczesnymi technologami i procesami. Początki naszej działalności to rodzinne gospodarstwo rolne, a od 15 lat sukcesywnie i niezmiennie wychodzimy naprzeciw oczekiwaniom naszych klientów, na każdym kroku dostarczając najwyższą jakość naszych produktów i usług.


We follow the journey of each vegetable from the very beginning, starting from the monitoring and quality control process in the field, proceeding to our sorting plant and finishing on delivery.


The high quality of the products provided is due, inter alia, to the modern approach to management and efficient procedures - from the reception and selection of vegetables to their sorting and packaging. A trusted, well-integrated team of professionals, following strict hygiene and safety rules, modern equipment - these are other reasons why we enjoy the trust of our customers.

However, our response to their needs is much broader and comprehensive: the work system, the management structure, strategic decisions on the development of sorting plants and production lines - this is the result of paying attention to the opinions of our partners. However, this is not the end of our strengths - one of them is the geographical aspect.
z nich jest ten geograficzny.


Our registered office is located in central Poland. The proximity of the A2 motorway, connecting East and West Europe, allows for the efficient execution of orders, and our own modern and constantly growing fleet of vehicles, supported by effective logistics systems and the knowledge of our professionals, makes this process even more efficient and independent from transport service providers.


Our DNA is most clearly reflected in our relationships with people - employees, suppliers, customers - with whom we have a long-term relationship, and we are united by a common goal - to ensure that the highest quality products, precisely those that are constantly on our tables, also reach the final consumer.